Website Planning

Before jumping into design and development, complex web projects require intensive planning and research. We will guide you seamlessly through this process and subsequently create your website specification outline.
  • Convince investors your web project is viable.
  • Calculate timeline, requirements and budget accurately for any web projects.
  • Plan everything from the start to eliminate headaches later down the road

The Website Planning Process

  • Initial Interview:
    The only person who truly understands your business is you. This is the stage where we learn everything we need to know about your business in order to implement an effective online marketing campaign.
  • Objective Analysis:
    What are your targets for the business, both in the short term and long term? We will go through the variables associated with an online strategy that will play a part in helping you reach the goals you outline.
  • Feature Priorities:
    What features do you consider critical to the success of your businesses' website?
  • Functionality Breakdown:
    Here we talk the technical requirements of your site. Things like, does it require ecommerce functionality and what social media platforms would you like integrated into the site etc?
  • Information Blueprint:
    How you organise the flow of information for your website will be crucial to how a visitor navigates the site. We will discuss options and structure management.
  • The Blueprint:
    At this point we will transform idea into visual imagery to illustrate everything we have talked about and give you a clear idea of our collective vision.
Featured Website Planning Clients

Thorough planning is required for all big projects. Entrepreneurs with big aspirations and household brands alike rely on us to deliver a comprehensive blueprint for going forward. There is nothing like a detailed website specifications document that outlines everything that is required in order to allocate budget effectively and ensure the investment brings value for the present and future.