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Magento: Your Ecommerce Solution

Magento is an excellent CMS for ecommerce web design. It's powerful and versatile and has enabled many businesses to gain maximum leverage for their e-business as a result.

Like Drupal and WordPress, Magento is also open source. That means it's completely free and like Drupal & WordPress, it has extremely low running costs whilst performing robustly on an extensive operation.

Benefit from the Magento Community

Another additional benefit of Magento as an open source CMS is that because an international community of developers and programmers exists it means they are continuously improving it's overall performance and making it that much better year on year.

Flexible Web Design

For ecommerce purposes Magento is scalable according to your needs. If you think you'll only be needing ecommerce for a few products, no problem. If you then at a later date decide to increase the number of products on your website by tenfold, it can be adapted very easily and in little or no time.

Readily available plugins and extensions can be added giving it wider scope for ecommerce functionality such as stock control and delivery charge automation etc.

Autonomy with Magento

Like Drupal and WordPress there is a huge global community of users and developers, so if for example you want a second opinion on some additional development work for your Megento CMS, there are a whole host of companies whom you can contact.

What Magento brings

A basic package comes with an excellent assortment of features that you will need for an ecommerce enabled website. This includes: catalogue management, catalogue browsing, backend management, mobile commerce, shipping, analytics and reporting amongst others.

For the present and future

Magento can be customised in every way from the functions it can perform to how it looks for both backend user and frontend. It is a far reaching and a well established CMS for Ecommerce Web Design.

Magento Breakdown

We've divided up all the information you need about Magento. If there is anything we haven't covered please contact us here.

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