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About WordPress

WordPress is an exceptionally durable and user-friendly Content Management System. It was once simply a strictly blogging-oriented CMS but today it is used by up to 20% of the world's small to medium enterprises.

Huge companies like Ebay and Yahoo use WordPress for their websites and this is down to it's ability to be continuously tweaked and modified according a webmaster's desires. Just like Drupal, WordPress is very versatile.

Bespoke: WordPress Web Design

Nettrix has been involved in custom web design for over a decade. The rate of growth WordPress has experienced over the past 5 years has been down to the ease of use a WordPress CMS can provide.

Reputable for a reason

WordPress and Drupal are the most popular Content Management Systems in the world. For this reason, it also means that there are thousands of WordPress & Drupal professionals whom you can consult for any advice or work that you would like done. Therefore unlike a custom CMS which is unique to your organisation you aren't tied to one single web development company.


There are many additional plugins available that are relatively easy to configure and can be found online without too much trouble. These plugins can be integrated into your website and there are currently more than 20,000 to choose from including things such as a slideshow or contact form etc.

Design & Flexibility

Our team has designed over 300 websites and as such feel more than confident that we can create the most suitable look for your target market within WordPress. In addition WordPress also has many themes which are customisable for those not seeking an entirely bespoke look.

WordPress for Google

Most Content Management Systems support the insertion of various elements that contribute to good SEO practice such as meta data. In Drupal & WordPress the ability to tag, categorise and create taxonomies as well as all the necessary tags is available at the tick of a box unlike other CMS's.

Thus making the creation of original, search engine friendly content considerably easier than most other content management systems on the market.

WordPress Breakdown

We've divided up all the information you need about WordPress. If there is anything we haven't covered please contact us here.

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